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In 1970, after years of working for Milbank and serving as the General Solicitor of Western Union, among other positions, Bill Seward decided that he wanted to leave "big firm" practice. He was ready to do things differently: he was ready to work directly with his clients and provide a level of service that he thought was missing at the "big firms." At that same time, John Anderson was considering running for mayor of the Village of Rockville Centre. Mr. Seward and Mr. Anderson, long-time friends and collegues, decided that it would suit both of them to start a law firm together. Both men desired to build a firm that provided excellent service to their clients, a firm founded on the pillars of zealous advocacy, careful work, dedication to their clients, and a true passion for the law. Thus, in 1970, Anderson & Seward was established. In its early days, Anderson & Seward focused its work on Real Estate, Estates, Municipal Law, Co-op Law, Zoning and Land Use, and representation of companies involved in trans-Atlantic cable projects. The Firm still thrives in those areas today.

In 1974, John Anderson retired from the practice of law. At that same time, Bill Seward's son, Robert, a recent graduate of Fordham Law School, came to join his father at the Firm. They renamed the Firm Seward & Seward, Esqs. and continued the Firm's practices. Robert developed a love for contract work and real estate practice; he worked tirelessly to further develop the Firm's practices in these areas.

Then, in 1976, Bill Seward's youngest son, James J. Seward ("Jimmy") graduated from NYU Law School and came to join Seward & Seward. Jimmy was passionate about the law and worked to build the Firm's general litigation practice, in addition to assisting his father and brother in the Firm's other areas of practice.

In 1985, Bill Seward's eldest son, William ("Tony"), joined the Firm after graduating from Cardozo Law School in Manhattan. Tony brought years of business expertise to the Firm, having spent the time between college and law school on Wall Street and working for consulting firms that sent him all over the country. Together with his father and brothers, Tony worked to further develop and fine-tune the Firm's practices, while remaining dedicated to the Firm's core values.

Bill Seward proudly served as the Rockville Centre Village Attorney for many years, up until the time that he retired from the practice of law.  Among its many accomplishments as a  Firm, Seward & Seward has handled thousands of real estate closings on behalf of buyers, sellers, banks, lenders, and cooperatives, served as counsel to both landlords and tenants, provided a plethora of legal guidance and representation to hundreds of businesses, and has drafted Wills and administered estates for hundreds of people.  

Seward & Seward's attorneys have always enjoyed a reputation for being honest and fair, and have developed long-lasting relationships with clients, judges, and other law firms who recognize the Firm's commitment to maintaining a sound law practice. We have always worked hard on behalf of our clients, and continue to do so today.  Please visit our Practice AreasTop News, and  The Firm Today pages or Contact Us, to learn more about Seward & Seward and how we can serve you today!