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Seward & Seward continues to take pride in maintaining the values established in 1970 when the Firm was founded. Located in Rockville Centre, NY, we are proud to be one of New York's top small law firms and remain dedicated to maintaining our strong reputation for excellence in each of our practice areas.  

Seward & Seward's focused approach to the law, coupled with its attorneys' vast experience in each of its practice areas, allows the Firm to treat each client's issues specifically and thoroughly. Our clients find that they get "complete" advice on their legal issues from the Firm because many of our practice areas overlap. Our attorneys use their knowledge of our related practice areas to a client's concerns from all angles, thus providing each client with sound, experienced legal advice to each of our client's unique legal questions. 

At Seward & Seward, we are always looking to the future as well: the Firm is building its Civil Litigation practice once again and continues to grow in new areas of law as they develop, while still providing the service that our clients have come to expect. We hope to call you our client one day in the near future.

SEWARD & SEWARD: A Boutique New York Law Firm
Today, the Sewards continue to run their Firm with the same honest, hardworking approach established by Bill Seward in 1970.  Due to modern day demands, however, the present day Seward attorneys have developed an ability to think "outside the box" when representing clients.  We are problem-solvers, and take pride in our ability to advise our clients based on our vast experience and creative solutions.

Individually and collectively, the Seward attorneys have decades of experience.  This allows us to represent you efficiently and cost-effectively.  Over the years, we have developed and  maintained relationships with our clients, the Courts, and other firms throughout the New York metropolitan area. Because we know who to call and how certain business, law firms, and areas handle certain problems, we can guide you through your legal issues as smoothly as possible.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to being of service to you.