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A recent Court decision regarding MERS, which will likely have a major impact on the mortgage industry, may provide the defense you need to save your home. 

As you may know, many mortgages and notes are "transferred" between various lenders and entities through an electronic system called "MERS". In February 2011, the US Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York issued a decision that could invalidate many of the assignments of mortgages and notes purportedly transferred through MERS. Please contact us today to discuss how the Court's decision could provide you with a defense in your foreclosure action.  
According to recent  surveys, the majority of Americans would answer this question in the negative.  It seems that many do not "feel" that they need a Will, or they fear that creating a Will is "too expensive."  Good news for you: both of these "popular" reasons for not creating a Will are unfounded.  

Seward and Seward has vast experience in Estate practice, and we can assure you that creating a Will benefits you now--and will benefit your family in the future.  

Simply put, creating a Will allows you to control  how your assets are distributed to your family after you pass away -- a decision that will be made by the State of New York according to statute upon your death if you do not have a valid Will. The State may not distribute your assets as you would have chosen to do . . .and why would you want to take that risk?

We recognize that creating a Will and thinking about the inevitable future is not always comfortable or pleasant, but because creating a Will is so important, we work hard to make the process as simple for you as we can. Our experience with this practice allows us to get the important information needed to create your Will quickly and simply,  which keeps our fees down.  Contact us today to discuss your family's future and to learn how we can work with you to create your Will. 
Did you know that according to several recent surveys, corporate relocation volumes and budgets are expected to further increase over the course of 2011? 

These surveys show that corporate optimism is on the rise: nearly one third of companies surveyed indicated that it is likely that they will further increasing their corporate relocation volumes and budgets in the latter half of 2011.  

As companies begin to relocate their employees, the housing market will likely experience an increase in real estate sales.  The relocated employees will be both buying homes in their new areas and selling their previous residences.  New York is a prime location for corporate relocation.

Seward & Seward has served as counsel in numerous corporate relocation matters throughout its history and is the perfect choice to assist you with your relocation. Please contact us today for additional information!

Good news for the real estate market: companies are staring to relocate employees once again.
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